A few years ago, as I moved from being a Newbie on my Spiritual Journey and entered my Neophyte stage of growth – a period when you have made a deep commitment to this Journey of the Soul, but are very much at the start of the learning process – I started to write.  At heart I am a writer.  It’s how my brain best functions and I was experiencing a wealth of happenings – visions, astral travel, animal guides, visual downloads, tingling hands and so much more.  For any new Neophyte it is an exciting and confusing time.  It’s a time where you drive everyone nuts asking questions.  It’s almost like being 4 years old again and constantly asking those around you “Why?”

Being told that we must each seek our own answers just didn’t cut it.  I NEEDED to share experiences (still do) so that I could, in analysing make sure I had covered all angles.  I wanted feedback, different points of view so I could best understand.  I wanted to be challenged so that my brain could really get to work in understanding at a far deeper level.  My Teachers were wise and didn’t answer all my questions, instead they would point me in a direction and let me run.  Or not.  My path – my choice.

So I turned to writing, and found I had a huge reservoir of stuff to write about and started a blog.  My original blog (Danceinthunder.Wordpress.com) was very intermittent and had about 7 followers, so it’s not so terribly successful so far as blogs go, but heck we are not all supposed to be front and forward in the popularity contests!

But life changes.  We develop and we grow in knowledge and new ventures are started.  I have moved on from that excited, passionate, and often weirded-out Neophyte into what I hope is a more balanced, more grounded person stepping out into the next phase of my Journey.   It seemed that a fresh blog – a fresh start – was needed.

I’ve stepped into the next level of my Journey, into a time that could be called an Apprenticeship.  Certainly it is a time of Learning.  It took a while to realise in what direction Spirit is leading me and now, at the beginning of 2018 I am taking my very first steps into the study of where science meets Spirit

I invite you to join me on my Journey.  Hopefully this blog will be better than the last one!  There is some good stuff in the old Dance In Thunder page, so I’ll bring them across to here from time to time.

I most definitely do not have all the answers and what I write here is simply a reflection of where I am at the time of writing.  As knowledge and understanding grows, opinions may change.  You have to make up your own mind if what I write feels true for you.

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In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Sue Thomson

Ki’An Healing